Free Meals

Start Healthy Daily

Free Meals

You got it! We provide your child with energy and vigor at Kids in Kare. That's why we gladly provide four free, healthy lunches!The Child and Adult Care Food Programme approves our daily meals. We value healthy improvements.We meet your child's dietary needs with an ample breakfast, a fulfilling lunch, a pleasant afternoon snack, and a nutritious supper. Our meals are designed to keep your child active and energized all day.Kids in Kare Bear Creek believe in nourishing body and mind since a well-fed child is joyful and ready to explore, learn, and grow.
Skills That Children Will Learn

Learning Environment For Your Baby Comprehensive Development

Children learn about their world through the use of their senses. In our Kids Care Program, classroom activities that focus on discovery and exploration will facilitate just that kind of learning.


Interested in good preschool education for your child? Our Daycare center is the right decision!