Toddlers Child Care Assistance Program


We cater to toddlers aged 18 weeks to 24 months with a rich program. Our curriculum includes Circle Time with songs, storytelling, and counting. Creative Arts and Crafts Time encourages self-expression. Exploration and Discovery Time involves nature walks and supervised science experiments. Building Social Skills Time fosters interaction, and Language Development Time builds vocabulary. Fine and Gross Motor Skills Time enhances coordination.

Nutritious meals consist of fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, yogurt, and legumes. We provide a comfortable nap environment and assist with potty training. Our comprehensive curriculum covers physical and language development, sensory skills, social development, creative arts, literacy, and cognitive development. At our daycare for toddlers, we create an atmosphere to help your child thrive

Review Class

Jhon Copper

Our daughter attended RainTrees for 2.5 years, the hardest thing was leaving when it was time to move on to 'Big School'!. Kindori has such a lovely 'feel', it's friendly and welcoming.

Julia Angolie

My child loves learning, can think critically, and has an amazing educational base. Both kids are comfortable speaking in public and they have great memories with wonderful role models

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