Pre-K and Kindergarten Child Care Assistance Program

Pre-K and Kindergarten Childcare Assistance Program

Children in grades pre-K and kindergarten are the primary focus group of our educational program. This classroom is designed to meet the needs of all students, from those attending full-time Pre-K/Kindergarten to the 5-year-olds who did not meet the eligibility criteria for Pre-K. Our “Full-time” students, who will be entering Kindergarten next year, will receive their morning classes while other students are still in school. If your child did not meet the requirements for Pre-K at their school, don’t panic; our curriculum is at the same level. Our educators will get them all prepared for Kindergarten at the same time. Part-time students will come back to our daycare center to participate in engaging activities that finish off their school day.

Parents Reviews


Jhon Copper

Our daughter attended Kids in Kare for 2.5 years, the hardest thing was leaving when it was time to move on to 'Big School'!. Kids in Kare has such a lovely 'feel', it's friendly and welcoming.

Julia Angolie

My child loves learning, can think critically, and has an amazing educational base. Both kids are comfortable speaking in public and they have great memories with wonderful role models

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