August 5, 2021

Good Manners are Assets to your Kids

A priceless gift that your child carries for the whole life! Your child may achieve good grades, but lack of manners is one thing that can become a hurdle in his success. Etiquettes are the strength that you pass to your kids and future generation. Eventually, you are playing your part in constructing a positive […]

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September 8, 2020

Healthy Diet When School is at Home

What does one do?  When your home becomes the school room, playground, and cafeteria? Because of the uncertainty of COVID-19, for many back-to-schools has been replaced with stay-at-home classrooms:  this has removed the acquainted structured routine of classmates and faculty.  Folks around the nation are designing a few versions of Virtual Learning this academic school […]

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June 25, 2020

Top Exciting Ways To Keep Your Children Busy Throughout Summer days

Kids have already started enjoying their summer break.  We are sure the kids are exciting about summer 1. Biking and Hiking Take your kids to the park or some where greenery in your community.  Choose hikes and straightforward trails, and bike around the town discovering new places.  Your children can love the time they spend […]

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