Not only youth and teens are using social platforms, but the kids are fond of such activities too. It has now become a part of our daily routine. Just like any blessing of the Technology world, Impacts of social media has its pros and cons. 

Due to the risks, we forbid our children from using such social sites, however, we all know that this is not a solution. Adults can make good use of such sources however; kids need complete guidelines since they need to know the problems caused by posting anything wrong. 

So, realizing the importance of socializing, parents must teach their children the right use of social sites. 


First, giving a brief overview to your kids about the advantages of social sites is a good idea. Because initially highlighting the negative aspects and prohibiting them may result in the use of such sites in secrecy. 

  • It helps them to stay connected with their friends and family
  • Promote their educational or other art and creative activities 
  • Participate in campaigns, charity, surveys, and positive reviews. 
  • Recreational activities like music and intellectual ideas 
  • Interacting with new people having the same interests
  • Stay connected with schoolmates and teachers.


Now show them the other side of this cozy picture, how this social media interaction and posting can go in the wrong way or cyberbullying. The main drawbacks that your kids may go for:

  • Unsuitable Postings like statuses or pictures
  • Commenting in unethical language
  • Bullying and make fun of friends or people 
  • Spreading wrong information and rumors 
  • Making personal information public like photos, birthdays, home address and other information that can be used to track them easily.
  • Interacting with every other stranger

It has been noticed that such activities for kids can harm them as they can be easily targeted and exploited.


In relation to such activities, not only cyberbullying and harassment are common but hackers and criminals can use exceptional ways to trap kids and harm them. Several apps can disclose the location automatically when you post a comment. which makes it easy to track a person.

Besides, sharing photos, videos and comments can’t be undone in most cases. Kids usually don’t know all the options of posting, deleting, and sharing information. it is impossible to erase records completely from the internet.   

Moreover, inappropriate impacts of social media records of kids may cause problems in the long run,

when institutions perform background checks for admission, the inappropriate posts or vivacious comments regarding your kid may result in the decline of admission. 

In addition, the excessive use of social sites may let down kids. Most of the time kids compare themselves with others and get disappointed and feel lower when unable to compete with their peers. 

Impacts of Social Media and Your role as a Parent !
Impacts of Social Media and Your role as a Parent

Stay aware of the online activities of your kids, in a way that you do not estrange them from yourself. besides, assure them that their privacy will not be invaded and you are only concerned about their safety.

Ensure they follow the simple precautions to improve the results of social media use:

Don’t be Mean: 

Be nice and respect others! in return they will receive the same respect. make them understand that posting distressing and shameful comments can cause a disturbance for them too. as them for any bullying and harassment if they face. 

Review before posting: 

Cue them that reviewing and thinking twice before posting is always a good idea and that anything they post must not be taken wrong. Ensure that they do not post exact locations and other personal information like numbers and family photos of their activities so that they may not become a target. 

Privacy Settings: 

Tell them the correct use of privacy settings, for assurance review with them and or help them to learn through performing checks and sample protection setup on your account. Also, tell them to never share their passwords with their best friends. 

Accepting friend requests:  

Accepting the stranger’s request may cause long-term problems like brainwashing, unsuitable gatherings, unethical attitude, and much more. At an early age make sure your kids don’t make strangers their friends.  

Be a Model first

Always remember that your kids learn most of the things they see their parents doing! So, make sure you follow such cautions first and in return, you will see your kids following the same. Friend them and respect their privacy, avoid frequent comments that they don’t feel like being stalked all the time.

Place electronic gadgets and appliances like computers and LEDs in the living room and places where family members walk most, restrict the use of smartphones and laptops in the bedroom and dining table. A well-balanced use of any technology is helpful and necessary to get on with the trends, aside from the positive use with some limits can be great for your kids to get involved in recreational activities during these days.