What does one do?  When your home becomes the school room, playground, and cafeteria?
Because of the uncertainty of COVID-19, for many back-to-schools has been replaced with stay-at-home classrooms:  this has removed the acquainted structured routine of classmates and faculty.  Folks around the nation are designing a few versions of Virtual Learning this academic school year.  Therefore, conjointly designing for meals may feel overwhelming.  However, please explore the following tips to keep your child healthy and on somewhat of a schedule.

Easy Ways to Healthy Diet

  • Put aside time for breakfast and lunch, and have your kid sit at the table to eat with no distraction. No TV or phone use, while eating; allows time for them to focus and enjoy a healthy meal.  Also, limiting screen time throughout the day and taking short breaks for physical activity will aid in your child’s target learning.

  • Try and keep healthy snacks on-hand and unhealthy snacks out of reach or out of sight from your child’s learning area.  Studies have shown that merely keeping unhealthy snacks away or only allowing in small quantities will greatly improve their digestive system.  Keeping contemporary fruit or pre-cut veggies to be on-hand makes healthy snacks convenient and a lot more appealing  and desirable for your child to eat them.

  • Keep it simple! Brainstorm easy-to-make meals along with your kid and arrange ahead for the whole week.  Try and make it fun by making a weekly menu, similar to the school’s and involving your kid within the menu changes that are consistent with the Nutritional guidelines as with CACFP.

  • Some Schools are going to provide lunch pick-up even with Virtual Learning. Kids in Kare is working ahead of the curve by offering Online Virtual School Lounge for the kids in Texas.  Children attending Kids in Kare Virtual Learning School Lounge will be serve several Nutritious meals (CACFP) throughout the day.

  • Please, try to eat meals along with your kid(s) and model healthy eating.  Children usually eat what their parents eat.

Instant and easy meal ideas

  • Sandwiches are the simplest to create and have numerous potentials to be healthy! Switch out white bread for whole grain bread and buy lean store meats and low-fat cheese, like turkey and swiss.  Serve with an apple and some carrots and you have a filling meal in all but 5 minutes.

  • Boiled eggs easy to make, full of super protein and save well within the refrigerator.  Eat with grapes, celery, and a slice of whole grain toast for a balance meal.

  • The simplest way to “meal-prep” is to pre-cook meals and microwave it, at each meal setting.  Be sure to store food within the refrigerator and heat up properly to confirm food safety.