When to get your child a Cellphone?

Many parents think of what is the right age for children to get a cellphone. Actually, there is no correct answer to this question, but an understanding of why your child should get a cellphone and whether he is ready for it may solve this question. 

Are you getting your child a cellphone ?

This is an admitting fact that it is so powerful too, so favoring the decision of getting a cellphone for your kid is very important. You may have heard many times from your child that everyone has a cellphone, which is no doubt true because of the increasing use of cell phones. Normally parents consider the time between middle and high school to get their child a cellphone. According to a survey conducted in 2016, 45 percent of parents of age 6-11 years, told that when their children were 10-12 years of age, they got them service plan.

These phones can be more than just a means of call and text message, cellphones are great means of the internet, cameras, and sharing location. Parents must consider these factors that how their children may see them and use them.

Know if your child is ready for Cellphone

Consider these questions before getting your child a cellphone:

  • How much your Child is liberal?

Do your child spends time at home alone, works with other families or on his own, or travels to school or other places, then absolutely it can help him to stay in touch with you. A cellphone is a better choice for a child’s safety if he spends time at home alone.  

  • Does your Child break gadgets and other items?

Before getting your child a cellphone, consider if your child damages personal items or loses them. whether he will be able to take care of a cellphone.

  • Get your Child a right Phone

There are different types of cellphones, it can be basic or smartphone. If only contact is the need, then a basic simple cellphone will be a good choice. A smartphone can be a source of distraction.

  • If your child understands the rules to use a cellphone

Phones make the world a global village, they can give access to the internet which itself is a gateway to many issues. Lack of sleep, lack of attention to homework, exposure to unhealthy content, and distraction from the family and house chores. Set clear rules and explain to a child how excessive use of a phone will be harmful.

Non-ionizing radiations from Cellphones 

Using hands-free devices and speakers instead of direct use, also avoiding phones putting into front pockets, especially against the body, is helpful to avoid the risk of exposing to non-ionizing radiations. It is unclear whether the non-ionizing radiations from cellphones raise the risk of cancer, but still, safety precautions are better before getting your child a cellphone

Before getting your children a simple phone or smartphone, be assured that your child is capable of handling it. Be clear about your expectations and set ground rules for using of media. Find good resources that are helpful creating a suitable plan, fitting your family’s schedule and need. The American Academy of Pediatrics and Common Sense Media are good sources to find such resources.